Ann and Larry

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Our Story

Ann and Larry met on May 7th 2016 at a festival in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. Ann noticed Larry first because he was well dressed and handsome. So she decided to shoot her shot and asked for his phone number, he said ok. As he walked off Ann and her friends looked him up on Facebook to find out more details about him. He later returned and Ann asked for his number again, they exchanged numbers. As the day went on they flirted with one another. It was time for Ann to leave, he walked her to her car, they hugged and Ann left. The next day Ann called him on her ride to her Mom's house and he asked can they to meet up. Ann and Larry met in a parking lot in Mandarin, just for a minute to see each other again.

The next day they talked on the phone off and on all day. That night they decided to meet up at AL’s pizza for dinner. After talking and getting to know each other better, Larry then shared he has seen Ann around town before and they realized they knew allot of the same people. After dinner they stood outside and talked for a while.

After this Ann and Larry continued to talk everyday, for hours at a time, day and night. After this they decided they were not ready for a relationship but talked and hung out as if they were in a relationship.

Months later was his birthday and they went out of town to Miami together. Ann had been to Miami a thousand times before but Larry showed her things/places she had never seen before. Ann and Larry had a great time in Miami together.

Early 2018 Larry introduced Ann to his family.

Fast forward to 2019 they decided to move in together. Ann and Larry were officially a couple.

In February 2021 Larry asked Brandon(Ann's son) for Ann's hand in marriage. In May 2021 he asked Ann's Uncle and Brother for her hand in marriage.

On June 5th at Ann's 50th birthday celebration Larry purposed to Ann at III Forks with her family and his family present. Ann was so surprised and of course she cried and said YES!

Ann and Larry will be married October 29, 2022!